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About Us

About Us

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Bulgarian Ecological Society (BES) is an active NGO in the area of ecological protection and human impact on the climate and natural life. BES possesses wide experience in activities related to actively promoting ecological and climate change awareness, wildlife conservation and biodiversity. BES has long and successful history of assisting state, public, scientific, cultural, economic and other institutions, organisations and citizens in their work on the conservation of biological diversity and wildlife. 

BES strives to promoting, creating and disseminating social values with environmental themes and reflecting the biological diversity in the field of social sciences, visual arts and research, thus expanding the exchange of knowledge and public participation.

BES participates actively in expert councils, commissions and teams, national programs and projects, environmental impact assessment (EIA) teams, promoting the important role of the favourable state of the environment for the entire living ecosystem to state institutions, municipalities, business, politicians and other policy and decision makers. Contributes to the integration of the ecological requirements in the strategies, plans and practices in all main economic sectors, as well as to the incorporation of these requirements into the legislation and regulations in Bulgaria. Provides for environmental education by disseminating environmental knowledge in society through public events, cooperating with schools and universities, public, municipal and private educational institutions, as well as involving people in direct environmental activities.